Pierre Le Grand

The Frenchman Pierre Le Grand was the first pirate to settle on Tortuga Island. Le Grand and 28 men captured the flagship (a galleon) of the Spanish treasure fleet off Cape Tiburon in western Hispaniola.
Le Grand spotted ship a lagging behind the Spanish Fleet and although he and his men numbered only 29, they swore an oath to fight to the death. To strengthen their resolve, Le Grand bore a hole in the bottom of their his ship, giving them no choice but to attack and win, for now they had no means of escape. Fortunately it was getting dark, they sailed alongside and snuck on board, cutlass in hand and pistols ready. Making their way for the cabin, the spanish crew offered no resistance. Caught totally by surprise and finding himself at gunpoint, the Captain surrendered. The capture would of been free of incident if not for Le Grand's overwhelming excitement.
Aside from a few Spaniards, which Le Grand drafted into service, he put the seaman of the captured ship ashore and sailed home for France.
The remainder of Pierre Le Grands life is purely speculative.

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