Interview With a Captain of U.T.B.F

Ahoy Capitana ~Morgana del Sol~

Please, spare some time and share with our fine and dear U.T.B.F. Brotherhood, some treasure from yer life, so as the Pirate Universe know ye better…

What is yer real name, mylady?

My real name is Marianthi~Maya~Delezou. I am Greek.

What are yer other, everyday activities, except from sailing, plundering and dreaming?

I am a copywriter, mostly in advertising field, but also writing stories for kids and allegoric tales for adults. My other active side is performing on stage (acting, oriental dancing, choir singing, narrating) and another one behind the stage, organizing and promoting cultural events with friends artists.

Describe yerself in 5-10 words.

Tender, Imaginative, Creative, Stubborn, Anxious, Lazy, Romantic, Enthusiastic, Selfish, Faerie-wise…

Since when ye got interested about Pirates?

Since I very first watched some old pirate movies, as a teenager. Then the feeling got slept in me and woke up again when I gradually discovered so much talking about the universal, modern pirate dream in the web. Then actually thought “Maya, Mother Sea is calling… Follow your heart, lass!”

What is this specific thing ye really like about Pirates most?

The sense and the truth of freedom.

How ye decided to become a member of U.T.B.F. and what is that whispering in yer heart?

“Under the Black Flag” is maybe the most inspired and serious presence all over the web, sharing pirate history, without irrelevant, funny or silly stuff included, so as to gain followers. When I first saw some U.T.B.F. posts in F/B, I spotted the difference immediately. And of course, I became a fan at once, without a second thought. Since that day, almost a year ago, not just a whisper, but a large piece of my heart belongs to my pirate family, the U.T.B.F. Brotherhood...

Why ye accepted to be a U.T.B.F. Captain?

Because I was really honoured to be asked to, by the council of the U.T.B.F. Captains, who were surprised to meet a Greek lass who believes in the eternal pirate dream. So, since no wise pirate can reject such an honour and privilege, here I am, Capitana Morgana del Sol, always trying to keep firm and steady the romantic side of our brotherhood...

What is yer favorite pirate weapon?

The map! No reason to fight, if you don’t know where your destination is... Then comes the cannon. I just love the noise! (and the mess of course...)

What is yer favorite pirate ship?

The Carrack. A real ocean-going ship. Large enough to be stable in heavy seas, roomy enough to carry provisions for long voyages...

What is yer favorite pirate drink?

The black rum. Better be Captain Morgan.

What is yer favorite pirate song?

“Hoist the colors” by Hans Zimmer.

What is yer favorite pirate word or phrase?

“Be strong, me hearties!”

What is yer favorite item in your pirate wardrobe?

My black pirate belt. Loaded with a scull buckle full of tiny crystals.

Ye feel rather a blessed or a cursed pirate figure?

Somewhere in between. I leave this to the Universe to get the final decision.

Do ye believe that the pirates’ life is really fer ye?

This is something I will really know only when we really set sails with our brotherhood’s great ship “Arcadia”...

Gramerci Captain fer yer time and thinking on this short interview. Now, feel free to add anything you believe our noble Brotherhood would like to hear from you. Strong Sails!

“Me lads and lasses, me sisters and brothers, the whole world now, more than ever, is in need of the free spirit, the strength, the wealth and the romance of the pirate tribe. People need to dream, to get inspired, to share the love for freedom, to return to the primal innocence and the respect for the nature’s Elements. Eternal Pirate History has taught us all of this. Now, it is just in the reach of our hands to start this journey and make this dream an everyday truth, under the Black Flag!”

~Capitana Morgana Del Sol~

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