Interview With a Captain of U.T.B.F

Ahoy Captain John Morris !

Please, spare some time and share with our fine and dear U.T.B.F. Brotherhood, some treasure from yer life, so as the Pirate Universe know ye better…

What is yer real name, mylord?

My name is Alkis Vasileiou

What are yer other, everyday activities, except from sailing, plundering and dreaming?

I'm a software engineer, writing code, like Java, C++ etc. Currently I 'm constructing web sites with Drupal, writing some Javascript and PHP. Also, another major activity is reading history, from Ancient Greece to Ancient Rome, from Dark Ages to Medieval times, Renaissance, Age of Discovery, Age of Enlightenment. Finally, I'm a fan of ambient music and post-apocalyptic fiction.

Describe yerself in 5-10 words

Nervous, anxious about the future and the unknown, a little bit selfish, but also creative and easy to sympathize (as others characterize me).

Since when ye got interested about Pirates?

Since I was playing with my playmobil pirate ship. But also, cause I read history, I found it interesting to read about pirate history.

What is this specific thing ye really like about Pirates most?

Their act of defying a system of absolute monarchies, risking their necks for freedom. The romance and the fierceness that surrounds them.

How ye decided to become a member of U.T.B.F. and what is that whispering in yer heart?

I decided to join the U.T.B.F. because I love pirate history, and U.T.B.F. shares that history that I found it interesting and exciting.

Why ye accepted to be a U.T.B.F. Captain?

I was honored to be accepted to be a U.T.B.F. Captain because the Captains saw my interest on pirate history. They saw my efforts to find as many parts as I can about pirate history that I will always try to find and share with my pirate Brotherhood.

What is yer favorite pirate weapon?

My favorite pirate weapon is the flintlock pistol

What is yer favorite pirate drink?

Time flies...when you are having rum!

What is yer favorite pirate song?

I don't have a specific song that I like the most, I like some soundtracks from various pirate movies and games as well as the Irish Rovers.

What is yer favorite pirate word or phrase?

Many, but I will stick to one...or two. “Where there is a sea there are pirates.” and “Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.”
What is yer favorite item in your pirate wardrobe?

The flag of U.T.B.F. brotherhood of course!

Ye feel rather a blessed or a cursed pirate figure?

I will leave that to the world, the world always decides.

Do ye believe that the pirates’ life is really fer ye?

With such a strong brotherhood as the U.T.B.F. team, certainly! 

Gramerci Captain fer yer time and thinking on this short interview. 

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