Barataria Pirate and Fairy Faire

Barataria, as Lafitte called his colony, whose name inspired the mythical land sought by Cervantes’ Don Quixote, was nothing less than the Pirate Kingdom. In later years, after it’s fall in 1610, it would be revived by Jean LeFitte in 1808, with it’s capital in Baratari...a Bay. 
The kingdom at that time occupied 3 islands Grande Terre, Grande Isle and Cheniere Caminada. LeFitte maintained a fleet of fifty vessels and was nearly invincible. Captain Black’s (The elected King)Barataria was the home of between 15 and 20 independent pirate ships trading with each other and protecting each other from the navies of all lands. Somehow they were aided by a mysterious character named Seymoure (whose story the world has never known) and, some say, a group of magic users devoted to him. 
Then came the day in 1677 when a united fleet of the British, French & Spanish warships (a group who would never have fought on the same side for anything else) sailed to destroy the Garden of Eden that was Barataria. Such magic as the world has never seen was brought to bare (by the Faeries and the Seelie & UnSeelie Fay Courts some say) and Barataria was moved. When the fleets arrived there was nothing for them to fight.
What became of Barataria? Where did that kingdom go that would be beyond the reach of the world? And what dark forces would ask for their pound of flesh for joining in? And what of the fabled dark force who was named Sepsis who led those dark forces? Should you find Barataria you may find out. At the very least you will find Pirates and Fairies living a life of joy and freedom. And you might never want to leave.

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