Interview With a Captain of U.T.B.F

Ahoy Captain Francisco El Drako!

Please, spare some time and share with our fine and dear U.T.B.F. Brotherhood, some treasure from yer life, so as the Pirate Universe know ye better…

 What is yer real name, mylord? 
Me name be Frans Gkodlefsky
 What are yer other, everyday activities, except from sailing, plundering and dreaming?
  I be a merchant navy 2nd Mate and when i be ashore i be makin' sailling ship models as well as fancy ropeworking fer hobby.
 Describe yerself in 5-10 words.
I be Daydreamer

 Since when ye got interested about Pirates?
Since me father bought me me first pirate sailling vessel at the age of 7

What is this specific thing ye really like about Pirates most?
The chance they had to saill wherever they wanted and the fact that they didn't had masters to rule'em

How ye decided to become a member of U.T.B.F. and what is that whispering in yer heart?
They found me after an argue i be havin' with some fresh water privateers-What is whisperin'? Arghhh it Shivers me black heart to know that there are free spirits like me self who like the sence of freedom from the foul system.

Why ye accepted to be a U.T.B.F. Captain?
I accepted being Cpn because i found a bunch o'salty hearted mates that could accompany me thoughts,beliefs and.... me way of taking possecion of other peoples stuff with out restrictions
What is yer favorite pirate weapon?
I guess that be me double-barrel handgun

What is yer favorite pirate ship?
slick,fast,and with low draught,that'll a sloop...

What is yer favorite pirate drink?
Arghh be the spicy all time pirate favor lovin'flavor o'Grog
What is yer favorite pirate song?
Scull and bonnes by Running Wild

What is yer favorite pirate word or phrase?
Crossin'blades with a pirate can be hazzardous to yer self
What is yer favorite item in your pirate wardrobe?
That be me fancy Hat!
Ye feel rather a blessed or a cursed pirate figure?
I feel like cursed one that'll never find his resting haven for the years to come.
Do ye believe that the pirates’ life is really fer ye?
Fer me it is,cause dreams can't be killed or captured be landlovers

Gramerci Captain fer yer time and thinking on this short interview. Now, feel free to add anything you believe our noble Brotherhood would like to hear from you. Strong Sails!

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