The History of Turtle Ship

The 'Turtle War' Ship (Keo-Book-Sun) is a very famous Korean war ship that was under the command of Admiral Lee Sun Shin (1545-1598). The Ship played a significant role in driving back the Japanese fleet during the Hydeyoshi Invasion of Korea in the year 1592. It was also used in many other naval battles as well as the 'Han-San Naval Engagement' which was one of four major naval engagements worldwide.
Designed by Admiral Lee, and built with a steel dome cover over the deck of a classical type Korean ship called, 'Phan-Ok', hundreds of sharp swords were installed on the outer surface of the dome to make boarding the ship by enemies difficult and hazardous. The name is derived from the Korean word for turtle, (Keo-book-ee). Also because of its shape which resembled that of a turtle. A large dragon`s head was attached to the bow of the ship to make it appear more threatening and terrifying to its enemies. Along its sides were mounted numerous cannons at each of the many openings as well as one in the bow structure.

The 'Turtle-War-Ship' sailed amidst the Japanese fleet inflicting many casualties on Hydeyoshi`s naval forces, using its many cannons and sulfuric fires during the 'Im-Jin Engagement' of 1592. This ship became a very famous ship in Korea and was upgraded on a yearly basis during the Chosun Dynasty.
The model kit of the 'Turtle-War-Ship' uses many evidential materials referred to in Admiral Lee`s diary, figures, rebuilt models, etcetera. This particular kit is a copy of the 'Turtle-War-Ship' from the 'Left Oceanic District' in Jeon-Ra province of Korea. Even though the detailed structural drawings and dimensions are not available today, the two deck structure was used in keeping with the known ship designs and schematics from that period in Korean History that are available to us today.

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