The Night Before Noggmas‏ by Douglas Lee

Twas the Night before Noggmas,
At the Old Ben Bow Inn All Sing'n & Merry & talking 'Bout Sin!

When In walks this Pirate all dressed in Red
With A white fir trimed Cap Atop O His Head
A handing out Bottles O grog & O RUM
When I thought to me self let's go have some fun!

Out the back door, there's me mate getting sick
To lay out in wait for that chump called St Nick!
the Blunt O me Pistol the cut O me Knife
"Belay that there bag if ye cares fer yer life!"

I waited & waited I thought me self cursed
Where was this St. Nick I was dye'n O thirst
The back door flew open I thought me self saved
When I herd the Coppers fore this was a Raid!

St. Nick Came out with his Bag Full O loot
make'n speed fer his sleigh With the coppers To Boot!
2 coppers there were But I Knocked um down
& Jumped on his sleigh as he flew out a town.

I sat by that Fat man as his Sleigh moved on Quick
I dare nay look over as I'd get me self sick
He Pulled to a stop Right down next to me ship
& tossed me to the deck with a rush O his hip

There on me back I laid out on the deck
When he swung with a Cutlass & just missed me neck
Such a Fine silver Cutlass ye ever did see
He spun it around, & gave the handle to me!

"Ye were up to no Good Back there at the Inn,
with Yer Fine little Plan to just do me in!"
"But ye helped me Escape & get away from the Law
 yer nay Naughty er Nice we'll just call it a draw"

I loved me new Cutlass All Fine & Real Sharp
 Like an angel must feel when they gets a new Harp
That Merry old Elf just fled in the night
Till that sleigh with strange deer just flew out a sight

A Voice on the wind Hailed out to me
Happy Noggmas ya Sot enjoy Piracy

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