Pedro de la Plesa

Pedro de la Plesa (fl. 1622) was a 17th century Spanish privateer. He served alongside Dunkirkers in the service of Spain during the Eighty Years' War. He and Juan Garcia accompanied Captain Jan Jacobsen in his final battle against the Dutch Republic, he and his Spanish comrade leaving Jacobsen to his fate.

In October 1622, he left from Duinkerken along with Juan Garcia and Jan Jacobsen in an attempt to break through the enemy blockade. However, de la Plesa was immediately sighted by a passing Dutch yacht as he sailed out of Oostende. The ship's captain, Jacob Volckertzoon Vinck, cut his mooring lines and sailed out to a nearby fleet under Admiral Harman Kleuter. Being informed of the Dunkirkers activities, he set out after them at once.

He was later joined by another squadron from Den Briel under the command of Captain Lambert Hendrikszoon. As the combined fleet appeared, the two Spaniards realizing they were outnumbered chose to retreat. Heading for England, Jan Jacobsen chose to fight the nine pursuing warships. Weither Jacobsen had decided to make a final stand or to protect the retreat of Juan Garcia and Pedro de la Plesa is uncertain, however he died in the ensuing battle.

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