Alvilda The Pirate Princess

Alvilda was a Danish/Gothic Princess who lived in what is now Sweden. There is some doubt of Alvilda's actual exisistance. In fact, the date of her reign cannot even be verified (some say as early as the 5th Century up to as late as the 12th century). Much of what we know is based upon the verbal retelling by bards in the Viking halls.
The story starts with Alvilda rejecting her suitor, Prince Alf (son of King Sigarus- or Sigar- of Denmark). There is a difference of the story with how her rejection took place. Some say Prince Alf successfully entered Alvilda's room by besting her 'guard snakes'. Since he was able to pass this feat, he wins the hand of Alvilda should she agree. She did not. The other version of the rejection is that Alvilda's father set up an arranged marriage with Prince Alf, which the princess disapproved of.
Either way, instead of marrying her arranged suitor, she fled her home with women recruits who did not want to marry.
Alvilda's recruits soon ran into some morners who had lost their captain. Alvilda takes command of this crew and takes up piracy. Now with a group double in size, Alvilda became a menace to the shipping community. Alvilda's theivery alerted the law around the Danish coast. Prince Alf, who was unaware that the pirates were commanded by his fiance, decided to attack the pirate ship. A battle ensued and eventually the Prince's crew boarded the pirate ship and killed most of the pirates. When Alvilda was taken to the prince, the prince recognized her and proposed marriage. She accepted and quit piracy. She eventually became Queen of Denmark.

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