Interview With a Captain of U.T.B.F

Ahoy Captain Jake Lankster

Please, spare some time and share with our fine and dear U.T.B.F. Brotherhood, some treasure from yer life, so as the Pirate Universe know ye better…
What is yer real name, mylord?

Leonidas  Gourgourinis

What are yer other, everyday activities, except from sailing, plundering and dreaming?

I'm working as a computer programmer  and  I trying to be a writer. Also i love to read history.
My first book published today with the name «H Πειρατεία στη Μάνη και τη Μεσόγειο» the English title is “Piracy in the Mediterranean The Maniot Pirates” and will be available on June.

Describe yerself in 5-10 words.

I'm a patient, persistent, friendly, creative, nervous and dreamer.

Since when ye got interested about Pirates?

Since i was six years old one day my father bring to me a small book about pirates. From that moment i become pirate!

What is this specific thing ye really like about Pirates most?

Please allow me to answer in this way
“Piracy in the Mediterranean The Maniot Pirates”
 Pirates and piracy must be studied and expounded as a form of early social resistance. The pirate had declared war on his rapacious ruler, had declared war on the insatiable aristocracy of his country, had declared war on the greedy Church authority, and, finally, he had declared war on that same society that isolated him. The pirate wanted what every person seeks in life, freedom, and was willing to sacrifice his very existence for that cause.

Why ye accepted to be a U.T.B.F. Captain?

Me and my brother Captain Black we are the founders of this great
brotherhood. We decided to share our passion for Pirate history That’s the reason we made U.T.B.F.We want to share and search the history pages of Piracy from the moment it started.

What is yer favorite pirate weapon?

Rapier and a fine flintlock pistol

What is yer favorite pirate ship?

Our ship of course, Arcadia

What is yer favorite pirate drink?

Nothing better from a glass of rum

What is yer favorite pirate song?

“Sea Fever”

What is yer favorite pirate word or phrase?

“I search for freedom and so I become a pyrate”
and “We obey No master Only the Black Flag”

What is yer favorite item in your pirate wardrobe?

Our BrotherhooD U.T.B.F.

Ye feel rather a blessed or a cursed pirate figure?

 I believe that I’m blessed, because we made such a fine brotherhood and i found many people that love pirates and I can share my passion with them.

Do ye believe that the pirates’ life is really fer ye?

Aye! Nothing better than pirate life.

Gramerci Captain fer yer time and thinking on this short interview. Now, feel free to add anything you believe our noble Brotherhood would like to hear from you. Strong Sails!

I want to thank, our members for their support which is very important for us and give us strength to continue. Also i thank our captains for their great job and without them we couldn’t find so many pictures, articles and videos to share with all of you. You are awesome.
Under The Black Flag Set Sails mateys, Join us.

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